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What Sepa tools?

In June 2010 as part of my day time job I had to start learning SEPA, Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). What does ity mean? Is there maybe some discussions of Forums about Sepa somewhere?  How the business payments through Sepa are actually handled and how the things and routines work.  What kind of tools one should use and what is available etc.?

I did not find any Sepa discussion Forum, and no Sepa specific programming or testing tools either. Maybe I should try to do some of them myself?

It seems all the data exhange within SEPA is done with plain XML-documents and standards only. There is lot of this ISO standardized repositories,catalogues, dictionaries etc. to read. A lot of  XML and XSD Schema stuff to learn and download and adopt.

One task is to create those XML files and second important task is to confirm that messages are properly formed. Then there is need to be able to present and view them in some end-user friendly format. This is usually done througj  XSLT (or shortly XSL) Style files  that transform the XML file to HTML. The resulting HTML can then be viewed in browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera etc.

After this much of history,  I decided to try go and see what is available in web. And what  I myself maybe could write about all those findings

BigFunXml Tool

After putting some of those snippets and chunks together BigFunXml application was born.

The capabilities of BigFunXml are quite limited, it is only able to validate and do style transformations.

is not an XML editor. It will show the XML, XSD etc. file contents on screen, but if you edit them, it will not save the changes to file.

You are better editing your XML, XSD and XSL files for instance with nice Notepad++ editor or some other editor of your own choice. After that you can again use BigFunXml to validate or do transformations for those  files.

The name "BigFunXml", what does it mean?  The executable size is only about 1.8 MB, so it is not very Big app. And having a day job as XML crawler, not very interesting or Fun pal either. But hey, everyone's got to have a name.

I discovered that it is quite difficult to find free words to be combined with 'XML'. Almost all the common and good words are already used and paired with XML, used with some other XML toolset names or so.

Fortunately the string BigFunXml was un-used free. That namespace had not been, before this product.