Hello, and welcome to my personal homepage.

I am Jaakko Peltonen. I work as a postdoctoral researcher in computer and information science at Helsinki University of Technology. For more information about my work, please see my work page - the page you are viewing now is about non-work matters.

I have a number of hobbies.
  • I program computer games. My most well-known work is likely a graphical interface for the computer role-playing game NetHack; I call the combination of the game and the interface NetHack - Falcon's Eye.

    New: I am working on a full 3D computer game. The game is a party-based fantasy role-playing game. The game is in yet in its first stages.

  • I make computer graphics, mostly for computer games or other software that I am programming, but sometimes also as standalone works. I use a mouse, a tablet, a scanner, a digital camera, and several image creation programs. In the future I intend to have a small gallery of images available online for viewing, and the games where I've been a developer also have lots of art.

  • I compose music, using a computer and sequencer software. Most of my compositions are "classical" or "film/game soundtrack" in style. I don't currently have sample compositions available for download; some examples are included in the game programs where I have been a developer.

  • I also play the recorder, but I do that only seldom nowadays.
This page was last updated on May 17, 2008.
Contact address: jaakko [dot] peltonen [at] nbl [dot] fi