I'm currently participating under DTrace OpenSolaris community . Here you can find several educational resources about DTrace and DTraceToolkit


This section is dedicated to DTrace framework.

DTraceToolkit: DTT
DTrace at work
oneliners example of using DTrace
presentations: DTrace and DTraceToolkit
sample cases of how to use DTrace
other references


Useful examples of how to construct one line commands in D language in order to debug certain situations.

DTraceToolkit Presentation

You can find below a short presentation about DTrace framework found on Solaris 10 and about DTraceToolkit: a big collection of D scripts developed to help your life. There is a partial translation of the DTT presentation in japanese done by: Kenji Funasaki, thanks Kenji! OpenOffice 2.x was used to edit these files.
This is work in progress !

Item English Japanese Romanian Description
DTT Presentation - version 0.96 dtt_present.odp
dtt_present-ja.odp n/a
DTT Presentation - version 1.0 n/a n/a n/a Work in progress !

DTraceToolkit Bugtracker

A short status about all my opened/closed bug reports on DTT. I'm currently testing and enhancing DTraceToolkit. Enter bugtrack


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Created: 2006-12-24
Last updated: 2007-10-01